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I am a web developer and I don't know anything about hosting or sysadmin. Is HostNodejs right for me?

Absolutely. In fact, helping nodejs developers host their web applications is the exact reason why HostNodejs exists.

Hosting a website requires a different skillset from web development. It takes time to learn and to master these skills. You do what you are best at and let our experts handle your hosting for you.

Why does HostNodejs charge a setup fee for some of the hosting plans?

To provide secure and optimal hosting tailored to each customer's unique need, our support team will manually onboard each new client. We appreciate your support that helps us provide the premium support we offer.

Does HostNodejs host React/Redux apps?

Yes, HostNodejs supports React/Redux app hosting.

If you build your react app yourself. Choose one of our static hosting plan then upload all the static files is good to go. If you need more than static file hosting, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you select the best hosting plan for you.

There are too many HostNodejs plans to choose from. Which plan is the best for my use case?

We are happy to help you figure it out. Contact our support team now.

My nodejs application requires specific run-time configurations and specific nodejs/npm versioning support. Does HostNodejs support this?

Yes, we support this.

Hosting vs managed VPS. Which one is better for me?

It depends on how much time you want to spend on sysadmin tasks.

Our hosting service will hide the sysadmin complexity from you. We handle everything for you. On the other hand, with Manage-VPS service, you have more control of the underlying computation resources (the Virtual Private Server, or VPS for short). You will have remote command line access through ssh. You can fine-tune your server configurations to your liking. You can install or deploy other services inside your VPS. However, this requires nontrivial amount of sysadmin knowledge and command-line programming skills.